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Sarah Henry-Godfrey - lovingly called "Sadie" by her mum - lives beside the Bruce Trail in beautiful Mono, Ontario with her parents, her dog Annie and cat Emily. She attended local schools and is currently a very busy client of Community Living Dufferin. She is also an enthusiastic member of 

the ClickConnect photography club and Creative Partners on Stage

In her spare time, Sarah loves to read, write, paint, watch movies, take pictures, 

clean house, listen to music and - now - have her own business, 

which she named Kalleidescope after one of her favourite childhood toys. 

With the committed and creative support of Jodee Jack, lead facilitator at 

Facilitation Wellington Dufferin, Sarah is now realizing her dream of 

reaching out to the world through art.

Her unique Sadie Shirts, prints and notecards draw those who love 

splashes of bold colour and unexpected design elements.

Read more about Sarah's passion for art at In the Hills magazine.

In Sarah's Words...

I love art because I love sharing different ways of seeing the world..

I'm very shy so it's easier for me to paint or write what I'm thinking about.

And I especially love colours and funky shapes. They make me feel happy.

(Sarah, 2016) 

If you would like to know more about seeing the world through the lens of autism, check out The Child That You Do Have (1995), a Discovery Channel documentary which features the remarkable work of the Listening Centre (Toronto) 

with Sarah and others on the spectrum.

© 2018 Kalleidescope Design

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